why choose us?

WealthCare Advisors is a fiduciary wealth management firm. Unlike a typical financial advisor, a fiduciary is required by law to act in the best interests of clients. Our fiduciary investment process will enable you to feel confident that the advice and strategies we recommend are tailored to your unique goals and financial concerns.


The WealthCare-MSMS Partnership


WealthCare Advisors is the only wealth advisory firm partnering with the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS), a professional association representing more than 15,000 physicians in all specialties.

WealthCare Advisors was formed through a partnership between MSMS and Planning Alternatives, a well-established Michigan-based fiduciary wealth management firm founded in 1982. Planning Alternatives manages approximately $1 billion in discretionary assets as of December 31, 2016 for select investors in Michigan and over 35 other states.

The Fiduciary Difference


WealthCare Advisors is a fiduciary wealth management firm. The difference between a fiduciary and the typical advisor is that a fiduciary must, by law, put the client’s best interests first. MSMS insisted on partnering with a fiduciary firm in order to ensure that all financial advice is unequivocally in the best interests of clients.

Coordinated Solutions


Most of our clients already have competent professional advisors —  such as attorneys and accountants — who have provided them with some level of financial planning. So why did they engage us?

The answer is coordination and expertise. We view your entire financial situation from a cross-disciplinary perspective, not just from a legal, tax or investment viewpoint. This approach allows us to identify both coordination gaps and planning opportunities that are often overlooked. Our clients have found that the difference between merely having their planning “done” versus having it “done thoroughly” by us leads to peace of mind that saves them money, time and needless headaches.