A successful journey is not left to chance.

To get where you want to go takes clarity, discipline and flexibility. After you set your sights on the direction, you need a partner to help you build that path to where you want to go. The notion of a journey implies numerous things. Longevity. Trust. Adversity. Problem-solving. Emotion. Fulfillment. We partner with you on your journey – we are your wealth advisor for life.

Tailored to You

Integrated with
Your Needs

Our Fiduciary Investment
Process Puts You First

Expect Ongoing

Retirement Plans

WealthCare Advisors helps evaluate, design and manage retirement plans for Michigan physicians and their staff. Our independence allows access to the full universe of retirement plan service providers and third party administrators, enabling us to provide cost effective solutions that optimize your personal savings while providing a valuable benefit to employees.

Planning Solutions

Your Challenges –
Our Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

We Design Portfolios
That Work Best For You

Our Promise

WealthCare Advisors will create and coordinate financial plans that have your ultimate pursuit of financial freedom, personal joy and peace of mind as the end goal. You can expect a genuine relationship built on trust, attentive listening, open communication and objective counsel.

What are your financial challenges?

We have solutions to commonly asked planning questions …



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